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Common Sprinkler Timer Problems and How to Resolve Them?

Lawn sprinkler timers are integral parts of irrigation systems. They work responsibly as the brains of the irrigation system. They make you aware of the valves or zones and let you know whether or not you have to turn them on. You also have clear insights about how long you have to run them.

Over time, sprinkler timers can experience issues. The problems can be regarding the circuit board, transformer or many other things. We have included some common issues in this article and ways to solve them. If you think you can’t fix the problems on your own and are looking for lawn sprinkler timer repair in Orlando, kindly reach us at customirrigation.us. Moreover, let’s find out how to help you fix the common issues without an expert.

Watering at odd times

Some sprinklers come with 9-volt batteries, while others come with AA batteries. Also, many water sprinklers run through a wall adapter, meaning they won’t have power in an electrical outage. Due to this, the sprinkler timer stops working, and it loses the pre-set information like date and time. If you observe sprinklers are unable to turn on when they should, they might have some issues. To fix such problems, you have to set a timer to turn on the sprinkler for a particular period and see if it is working.

Some zones are separated from irrigation

What do you think when you find some unwatered area of the lawn? Some people believe that the area has been separated from being watered because of valve or water line leakage issues. But it is not the right cause. The problem starts with the sprinkler timer.

So, to deal with this problem, head to the timer and check all watering zones separately. If you find all zones are working correctly, go and ensure timing.

Sprinklers turn on or off right away

If sprinklers in your lawn turn on or off frequently, you may need to look at the timing system. When checking the timing system, kindly ensure that you have correctly configured the duration settings. If you cannot troubleshoot the issue and need a head-to-head sprinkler repair in Orlando,call us at 407.647.0658.

Conclusion These are some common problems you can experience on your sprinkler timer and methods to solve them. Moreover, if you need professional help for your lawn sprinkler timer repair in Orlando,visit our website or call us.