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Irrigation Controller Repair Services in Orlando

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The automatic irrigation system, like any other engineering system, requires regular maintenance and prevention. Carrying out these works will ensure work efficiency, long-term service life and exclude premature and emergency failure of expensive components and equipment.

Orlando irrigation controller repair specialists will perform maintenance, repair, and modernization of sprinkler and drip irrigation systems, including those installed by third-party organizations. For the convenience of our clients, we propose to conclude a service agreement, which provides for the scheduled departure of our specialists twice a year: to carry out the mandatory procedures for preservation and de-preservation of the system. You can also call our specialist at any time to carry out unscheduled repairs. You can order the maintenance of the auto watering system in Orlando by contacting us by phone posted on the website.

When is the maintenance of the irrigation complex required?

Call the foreman on a planned basis or in case of emergency. For service, once every 2-3 years, it is enough to carry out a series of tests, make sure that the system is tight, and change the water treatment filters. Some types of lawn sprinklers need to be installed annually and then removed for the winter. For this, they also use the services of a service center.

The reasons for emergency repairs are different:

  • Equipment wear due to poor quality water or clogged filters;
  • Surges in fluid pressure in the system, which leads to breakdowns;
  • Depressurization at the joints, drying out of connectors, fittings;

Failure of electrical equipment, sensors due to voltage drops;

Where to order an auto watering service?

If you need to repair or service automatic irrigation systems, contact Custom Irrigation Inc. in Orlando. We are engaged in designing and installing sets of irrigation equipment, and we supply spare parts for maintenance. Professional Orlando replacement irrigation control services carry out diagnostics, eliminate fluid leaks, change outdated parts, and reconfigure the system in accordance with your wishes.

Why should you hire us?

  • Individual solution: optimal, technically flawless design, selection of equipment and materials according to the technological, aesthetic, and financial requirements of the customer;
  • Professional technical analysis of the available utilities, as well as the parameters of the water intake source, site features;
  • Fast and free preparation of a commercial proposal in a specialized program;
  • An integrated approach – from design to installation and maintenance of automatic irrigation systems;
  • Exact cost estimate;

Call our replace irrigation system controller specialists in Orlando, and we can solve your sprinkler system problems. Don’t delay! Contact us today, and we’ll show you why so many families and businesses trust Custom Irrigation Inc. with their sprinkler repair and irrigation needs.