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How Do Issues with Different Sprinkler Components Affect Your Lawn?

You and thousands of Orlando homeowners have a lawn space in the front or back of your property. And to keep it comfortable for you to relax and beautiful for others to see, you probably dedicate a lot of effort into your lawn’s maintenance, like mowing and, most importantly, properly irrigating it. Now, who today has the availability to spend time dragging a hose to water the lawn area? So, being a responsible homeowner, you must be using an advanced sprinkler system for the job.

The sprinkler timers allow you to select the right time in the day and duration of irrigation according to your lawn needs. The sturdy sprinkler heads help with equal and apt water distribution in every lawn corner. And the irrigation pump and valve care for the clean water flow and supply in adequate amounts, so your lawn remains green and fresh.

But the different components making the irrigation process easier can become the problem source for your lawn when they face issues. The damaging causes like constant usage, rough weather, ground pressure, corrosion, etc., affect the complex system over time, and ignoring its maintenance results in malfunction problems. Issues with different components affect your lawn’s beauty and greenery in different ways and occasionally ask you to get an expert for something like irrigation sprinkler pump repair in Orlando.

Sprinkler Timer

The timer is one of the new features of the modern sprinkler systems that control when and how long the sprinklers should run. So, when it starts to malfunction, your lawn space would face water logging or underwater problems, affecting the soil and greenery. So, you must hire a professional in Orlando for lawn sprinkler timer replacement if you spot such problems in your lawn.

Sprinkler heads

Functioning sprinkler heads are the most active element in the system, considering their role in distributing the water evenly and properly. Since they are fitted on your lawn’s surface, they endure the most damage and often face different issues. A leaky sprinkler head would overwater certain land portions, and an issue with its rotation would result in multiple dry grass patches, ultimately affecting the lawn’s appearance.

Irrigation pump

Although it’s fitted underground, the irrigation pump can face problems like clogging up with water supply contaminants, pipe leakage, corrosion, etc. A faulty irrigation pump makes the water supply inconsistent and heavily lowers the system’s efficiency. So, you will face a hike in your electricity bill, and your beautiful lawn will suffer the consequences of improper irrigation. So, it’s best to call an Orlando professional for irrigation sprinkler pump repair to resolve the issues.

With many company options, you will have the best experience with a local brand like Custom irrigation. Our Orlando-based experts have years of experience in lawn sprinkler timer replacement and other sprinkler-related issues and can resolve them effectively and promptly with the right equipment. So, book an affordable service with us, and we will ensure your sprinkler system is as good as new.

Irrigation Valve Replacement: Why do You Need A Professional?

While your house chores like cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, etc., take up most of your available time, your sprinklers make it slightly easier by taking away the burden of watering your lawn. But it does that by utilizing many components that make up a sprinkler system. The timer and head-to-head sprinklers care for the proper water distribution, and the irrigation pump supplies the clean water. However, the most important sprinkler system part is the irrigation control valve.

The irrigation valve is fitted underneath the ground in a valve box. Since people’s lawns and gardens have different watering needs, the control valve regulates the water pressure and flow according to your settings. It ensures that every corner of your lawn gets the right amount of water and remains beautiful. But it can also cause the common sprinkler system issues you face like flow inconsistency, unclean water supply, and low system efficiency without proper maintenance. If you have been facing such sprinkler problems for a while, you are probably considering irrigation control valve replacement for your Orlando lawn.

But it wouldn’t be the right decision to do it yourself. Without the system expertise, you will have trouble figuring out the issue and can increase the problem with an amateur approach. Plus, it would be difficult to locate it in your Orlando lawn without an irrigation wire and valve locator. Companies like Custom Irrigation have trained professionals who would be best for the work. If you are unsure about paying for a service, knowing some reasons might convince you to hire a professional in Orlando for irrigation control valve replacement.

They will mitigate the damage to your garden.

Since a control valve is fitted underground, you might not locate its position unless you have a system blueprint with you. So, you will have to dig in multiple spots to search them, ruining your garden’s appearance and verdure. Company professionals in Orlando have irrigation wire and valve locater, and other devices to find the exact spot to dig and protect your beautiful garden from damage.

They will perform a fast service.

While easily locating the control valve would save a lot of your time from unnecessary searching, their service would be prompt too. The professionals understand every aspect of the sprinkler system and know how to repair and replace them effectively. With the help of industry equipment and knowledge, they will replace the valve a lot quicker than an amateur.

They will save you from major expenses.

Avoiding a service might sound like a more cost-effective option. But the cost of the right equipment, restoring your garden after digging, and repairing damages you might cause will add up to a significantly higher amount. Also, local companies like Custom Irrigation offer extremely affordable services, which will reduce your expenses more.

So, value your time, money, and efforts and take Orlando’s professional’s assistance for irrigation control valve replacement and have a satisfactory service.

How do Unresolved Sprinkler Issues Cost You Money?

Most Orlando residents love the lawn or garden space of their house but are not a fan of the idea of taking time out of their life to drag a hose around and water it. You, too, must have been annoyed by this additional everyday chore and installed a sprinkler system as soon as you could. And why should one refrain from the ease, considering the modern sprinklers availability in the market now!

But often, what many people think, the sprinkler systems are not a one-time investment. Factors like the weather, regular use, rust, etc., wear down the system and its various parts after one point and compromise its efficiency. Although the maintenance requirement wouldn’t be very often, it is still important to look out for problems and resolve them whenever they surface. A malfunctioning sprinkler system can cause major harm to the flora and look of your beautiful garden with improper irrigation.

Unfortunately, many people still undermine the need for professionals in Orlando for water sprinkler head repair and other maintenance requirements. They think that it’s an unnecessary money expenditure for a simple system. But you might ignore the fact that the sprinkler system designed to provide you ease and save your money could take a huge toll on your pockets if their issues aren’t resolved. Here are some ways that avoiding service in Orlando for irrigation controller repair will cost you more money.

Damage to your garden

You must have put loads of effort and money into making your garden or lawn pleasant by planting various plants or mowing it from time to time. But the problems like waterlogging, untimely or improper irrigation, left-out dry patches, etc., that an ill-functioning sprinkler system cause can ruin the whole space in no time. So, you will have to spend money again to recreate it from scratch completely.

Electricity and water bills

A broken irrigation pump or sprinkler head might fail to regulate the water distribution according to your settings and end up utilizing way more water than necessary, leading to a hike in the water bill. The compromised efficiency makes the system consume extra electricity to barely function, which constantly adds to the electricity bill.

Delayed fixing cost

If you refuse to call a company in Orlando for irrigation controller repair in due time, the issue will continue to worsen with time. The delay can turn a simple repair requirement into an urgent replacement, which will cost you significantly more than the prior.

Since many great companies like Custom Irrigation operate in the Oakland region, the residents can get a great service from a local professional in Orlando for water sprinkler head repair and other sprinkler system issues. Their efficient work will ensure that your system doesn’t trouble you financially, and the affordable service cost only makes the experience better.

Sprinkler System Repairment: Why Choose Us in Orlando?

Depending on the size of your lawn or garden, you might have a system of multiple sprinklers that you use regularly. But it wouldn’t be surprising if your sprinkler system starts malfunctioning or doesn’t work like it used to before. The sprinkler heads and other small parts can get damaged or even break off with extensive usage if they are not maintained properly.

Sudden repair or replacement requirements can be annoying, but they need to be resolved. You might understand the significance of a well-functioning sprinkler for the well-being of your lawn. So, you would want the repair work to be of high quality so that the expensive sprinklers are restored to their original efficiency and don’t trouble you for long.

But the struggle of choosing from the many options for the job is understandable. You might think of doing it yourself, but it wouldn’t be the right idea. The complex systems need to be handled with expertise and the right equipment, which you might not necessarily have. So, what you are left with is probably the best option for you, a professional company like Custom Irrigation.

If you search on the internet for ‘lawn irrigation sprinkler head repair in Orlando,’ a list of numerous companies would show up. These companies in Orlando might provide lawn sprinkler head repair services, but it would not be easy to find one like us. To make your choice easier, you can see the factors you would only find in the best company for the job.

  • While some other companies’ websites might look better, you should choose the most experienced company in the field. Our company has a name in the market and numerous satisfied clients who opt for our service every time, which shows that we are a credible choice.

  • The professionals working for us are licensed. A license means that the workers would know the work and the sprinkler systems and are trustworthy for the job.

  • A trained and professional team and quality equipment are not inexpensive additions to a company. Since we strive to provide high-standard work, our services are affordable, not cheap. Very low service cost might look appealing but indicates that a company might have amateur workers and bad equipment for a repair job.

  • You would be going with a company that is locally operated. Hiring our professional from Orlando for lawn irrigation sprinkler head repair means a quick response time and quality service at a good cost.

So, the next time you encounter any issue with the sprinkler system, consider the factors and find the best services with us in Orlando for lawn sprinkler head repair.

Benefits of Choosing a Service in Orlando for Sprinkler Timer Replacement

If you have a house with a garden or lawn, you might know about sprinkler systems. The modern sprinkler systems have many features like a timer and multiple setting adjustments. While the old sprinklers required manual time and effort for watering, the new systems take that burden away from you. You can schedule the timer and arrange the settings according to the needs of your garden. But with many advantages, the modern-day equipment has a major drawback. The sprinklers require timely repairs since they are made up of many small parts. The complex systems also make it impossible for an untrained person to fix them. So, what should you do in Orlando if you require sprinkler timer replacement or irrigation sprinkler head replacement?

A local service might be the answer to your question. When you opt for a local company for sprinkler system repairs or replacement, you are provided a great service every time. You might feel hesitant about paying someone for an irrigation sprinkler head replacement in Orlando. Here are some benefits that would make you think otherwise.

Professional work

Your garden is the place for you to relax. The more effort you put into your garden, the more significant the role of the sprinkler timer becomes. If any part of the sprinkler is not working properly, there is a chance that your efforts will wash away.

A professional acknowledges the importance of a well-functioning system and does the job accordingly. If the timer is fixable, the professional would opt for that option rather than replacing the whole system. And the high standard of work ensures that your garden remains as beautiful as intended for a long time.

Thorough process

Professional repair service includes step-by-step processes to ensure the best result. If you call for a professional, they will start with inspecting the problem and figuring out the requirements of the situation. The cleaning, repairing, or replacement, whatever is required, is done using the right equipment and supplies. The service is then finished by running quality checks of the sprinklers for water pressure, quality, movement, etc. Following these steps, the professionals always guarantee no room for errors when they leave.

Cost-effective solutions

When you acquire services from a local company in Orlando for sprinkler timer replacement or irrigation sprinkler head replacement, you will end up spending a lot less. The service fees will help you avoid additional expenses on tools, supplies, damaged fixtures, frequent repairs, and many more. With the range of services and spare parts, a company provides you with the best solution you would deem satisfactory.

Lawn Mowing – Why is It So Important?

A neat lawn with bright green succulent grass is a natural decoration of the plot. The grass seems to be an absolutely unpretentious crop, but in practice, it still requires maintenance. With the Orlando replacement irrigation system controller, lawn mowing becomes easy and effective.

Mowing seems like a simple task, but in practice, you need to follow a number of rules so as not to be left with a dry area overgrown with weeds.

Well, no doubt that the most attractive lawn is well-groomed. It is in this lies the main function of the garden, which is the enhancement of the land. Of all the lawn care work, the most important is mowing the lawn. Don’t forget about the Orlando irrigation control valve replacement.

What is Mowing?

Mowing is the most critical step in lawn care. Daily mowing will make the lawn luxuriant, soft, and dense and avoid many problems. There will be no place for weeds on such a lawn, and bald spots will never appear.

Why is lawn mowing so important?

Mowing grass helps preserve nutrients in the soil. Mowing the grass helps fight weed and stimulates the appearance of new shoots, affecting the density of grass cover.

Most of us certainly dread cutting the grass, but mowing is an essential step in garden care. Daily mowing your lawn can help to encourage the long-term well-being of your grass, appearing in more resilient turf later on.

Of course, a freshly mowed lawn looks beautiful. The beautiful look of a neat lawn is completely worth the effort!

  • Enhance the Health of Your Lawn
  • Strong and Maintainable Turfs
  • Overcome Allergies and Discomfort

How often and when do you need to mow the lawn?

It depends on the region you live in. The last mowing of the lawn is usually carried out three to four weeks before frost, but only if the grass grows noticeably.

In the period of active growth, which occurs in the summer months, it is advisable to mow the grass twice a week. And in the spring, during dry periods in summer and autumn, you can mow the lawn about once a week.

But these are only recommendations. In each specific case, you need to decide when to mow the lawn. If the height of the grass has increased by one and a half centimeters, then you can safely start a lawnmower.

If you cannot mow the lawn in time, you need to cut the grass in two steps. First, it is necessary to shorten its ends, and only then, after a few days, to slant it at the desired height.

Common Sprinkler Timer Problems and How to Resolve Them?

Lawn sprinkler timers are integral parts of irrigation systems. They work responsibly as the brains of the irrigation system. They make you aware of the valves or zones and let you know whether or not you have to turn them on. You also have clear insights about how long you have to run them.

Over time, sprinkler timers can experience issues. The problems can be regarding the circuit board, transformer or many other things. We have included some common issues in this article and ways to solve them. If you think you can’t fix the problems on your own and are looking for lawn sprinkler timer repair in Orlando, kindly reach us at customirrigation.us. Moreover, let’s find out how to help you fix the common issues without an expert.

Watering at odd times

Some sprinklers come with 9-volt batteries, while others come with AA batteries. Also, many water sprinklers run through a wall adapter, meaning they won’t have power in an electrical outage. Due to this, the sprinkler timer stops working, and it loses the pre-set information like date and time. If you observe sprinklers are unable to turn on when they should, they might have some issues. To fix such problems, you have to set a timer to turn on the sprinkler for a particular period and see if it is working.

Some zones are separated from irrigation

What do you think when you find some unwatered area of the lawn? Some people believe that the area has been separated from being watered because of valve or water line leakage issues. But it is not the right cause. The problem starts with the sprinkler timer.

So, to deal with this problem, head to the timer and check all watering zones separately. If you find all zones are working correctly, go and ensure timing.

Sprinklers turn on or off right away

If sprinklers in your lawn turn on or off frequently, you may need to look at the timing system. When checking the timing system, kindly ensure that you have correctly configured the duration settings. If you cannot troubleshoot the issue and need a head-to-head sprinkler repair in Orlando,call us at 407.647.0658.

Conclusion These are some common problems you can experience on your sprinkler timer and methods to solve them. Moreover, if you need professional help for your lawn sprinkler timer repair in Orlando,visit our website or call us.

Water sprinkler head replacement- Take a step towards saving water, labor, and time

If you are not a fan of manual irrigation and prolonged pulling of hoses around the garden or summer cottage, a sprinkler will be the best option to save time and water. Using Orlando water sprinkler head replacement is the easiest and most inexpensive way to preserve green spaces and irrigate them with sufficient moisture on time.

For example, if you are the owner of a large-scale land plot to provide high-quality irrigation to all areas and zones, you will need several good sprinklers. And the rate of water supply, in turn, will be determined by the type of soil.

Sprinklers water: types and features of the application

Sprinkler water sprinkler is an irrigation head. There are several types of such nozzles:

Rotary: It is required for irrigation of areas with an irrigation radius from half a meter to 25 m. Irrigation is carried out using a progressively rotating jet. This is one of the most popular types among landscape designers, as it allows high-quality irrigation of even the most difficult terrain areas.

The main advantage of such a nozzle is that its body is hidden underground and extends above the surface at the water supply time (by 30 cm). This allows you to hide the sprinkler nozzles in an inoperative state, thereby focusing on the territory’s landscape, not on the irrigation device.

In addition, rotary sprinklers, unlike other types, do not interfere with mowing grass. Such functional sprinklers are in great demand and are actively used for watering lawns in public places, in summer cottages and backyards, in sports facilities.

Pulse: It is also a type of rotary irrigation head that has a circular or adjustable irrigation sector. According to the standard, the installation of sprinklers of this type is carried out using a special plastic or metal extension. Most often, they are used on slopes, as well as in large areas.

The principle of operation of such a sprinkler is based on the fact that water is ejected from the nozzle at an angle in the form of a jet. At this moment, the upper part of the sprinkler head rotates and hits the splitter; then, the jet is converted into many smaller jets that fall in the form of arcs on the irrigation zone. In addition, it is possible to change the irrigation radius. Thus, high-quality irrigation is ensured with low water consumption.

Serrated (static): They are hidden under the ground and extend when the system starts operating. Their difference is that they are motionless; therefore, they can be used only in small areas or irrigation of individual zones since they provide irrigation of only a small radius – a site up to 5m. It is worth considering that the nozzle of such a sprinkler can be different: constant or variable. At the same time, the jet emitted by this device is somewhat similar to an umbrella. The installation of fan-type irrigators is most often carried out in a checkerboard pattern.

Another type of sprinkler is rotators, which are based on a special multi-jet rotor with the dimensions of a fan sprinkler nozzle. This arrangement works well with a static sprayer instead of a standard nozzle, and you can get a highly functional sprinkler with extremely low water consumption. Thanks to the numerous rotating jets, water is consumed much more slowly and evenly.


Benefits of installing Orlando irrigation sprinkler head replacement:

  • Adapts well to areas of complex configuration, terrain slopes;
  • Suitable for all types of soil, except for heavy clay;
  • More even distribution of water relative to flood irrigation;
  • The possibility of applying soluble fertilizers;
  • Limits soil disturbance reduces the risk of soil erosion;
  • Providing additional protection of plants from freezing at low temperatures;
  • Simplicity and mobility of the design;
  • The possibility of dismantling at the end of irrigation;
  • Phased commissioning due to limited funding for the construction of the system;
  • Do not require high qualifications of service personnel;
  • Multipurpose use (fertilization, pumping of liquids);
  • The possibility of early watering;
  • A favorable microclimate that promotes plant growth (the optimal level of air and soil humidity contributes to obtaining high yields);
  • High mobility when moving irrigation equipment from one field to another;
  • Long service life.

Considering all this, it is worth thinking about installing an Orlando irrigation sprinkler head replacement, which allows you to significantly reduce the amount in receipts for water and ensure high-quality irrigation of all types of crops and trees on your site.