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How Do Issues with Different Sprinkler Components Affect Your Lawn?

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  • How Do Issues with Different Sprinkler Components Affect Your Lawn?

You and thousands of Orlando homeowners have a lawn space in the front or back of your property. And to keep it comfortable for you to relax and beautiful for others to see, you probably dedicate a lot of effort into your lawn’s maintenance, like mowing and, most importantly, properly irrigating it. Now, who today has the availability to spend time dragging a hose to water the lawn area? So, being a responsible homeowner, you must be using an advanced sprinkler system for the job.

The sprinkler timers allow you to select the right time in the day and duration of irrigation according to your lawn needs. The sturdy sprinkler heads help with equal and apt water distribution in every lawn corner. And the irrigation pump and valve care for the clean water flow and supply in adequate amounts, so your lawn remains green and fresh.

But the different components making the irrigation process easier can become the problem source for your lawn when they face issues. The damaging causes like constant usage, rough weather, ground pressure, corrosion, etc., affect the complex system over time, and ignoring its maintenance results in malfunction problems. Issues with different components affect your lawn’s beauty and greenery in different ways and occasionally ask you to get an expert for something like irrigation sprinkler pump repair in Orlando.

Sprinkler Timer

The timer is one of the new features of the modern sprinkler systems that control when and how long the sprinklers should run. So, when it starts to malfunction, your lawn space would face water logging or underwater problems, affecting the soil and greenery. So, you must hire a professional in Orlando for lawn sprinkler timer replacement if you spot such problems in your lawn.

Sprinkler heads

Functioning sprinkler heads are the most active element in the system, considering their role in distributing the water evenly and properly. Since they are fitted on your lawn’s surface, they endure the most damage and often face different issues. A leaky sprinkler head would overwater certain land portions, and an issue with its rotation would result in multiple dry grass patches, ultimately affecting the lawn’s appearance.

Irrigation pump

Although it’s fitted underground, the irrigation pump can face problems like clogging up with water supply contaminants, pipe leakage, corrosion, etc. A faulty irrigation pump makes the water supply inconsistent and heavily lowers the system’s efficiency. So, you will face a hike in your electricity bill, and your beautiful lawn will suffer the consequences of improper irrigation. So, it’s best to call an Orlando professional for irrigation sprinkler pump repair to resolve the issues.

With many company options, you will have the best experience with a local brand like Custom irrigation. Our Orlando-based experts have years of experience in lawn sprinkler timer replacement and other sprinkler-related issues and can resolve them effectively and promptly with the right equipment. So, book an affordable service with us, and we will ensure your sprinkler system is as good as new.