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Lawn Mowing – Why is It So Important?

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A neat lawn with bright green succulent grass is a natural decoration of the plot. The grass seems to be an absolutely unpretentious crop, but in practice, it still requires maintenance. With the Orlando replacement irrigation system controller, lawn mowing becomes easy and effective.

Mowing seems like a simple task, but in practice, you need to follow a number of rules so as not to be left with a dry area overgrown with weeds.

Well, no doubt that the most attractive lawn is well-groomed. It is in this lies the main function of the garden, which is the enhancement of the land. Of all the lawn care work, the most important is mowing the lawn. Don’t forget about the Orlando irrigation control valve replacement.

What is Mowing?

Mowing is the most critical step in lawn care. Daily mowing will make the lawn luxuriant, soft, and dense and avoid many problems. There will be no place for weeds on such a lawn, and bald spots will never appear.

Why is lawn mowing so important?

Mowing grass helps preserve nutrients in the soil. Mowing the grass helps fight weed and stimulates the appearance of new shoots, affecting the density of grass cover.

Most of us certainly dread cutting the grass, but mowing is an essential step in garden care. Daily mowing your lawn can help to encourage the long-term well-being of your grass, appearing in more resilient turf later on.

Of course, a freshly mowed lawn looks beautiful. The beautiful look of a neat lawn is completely worth the effort!

How often and when do you need to mow the lawn?

It depends on the region you live in. The last mowing of the lawn is usually carried out three to four weeks before frost, but only if the grass grows noticeably.

In the period of active growth, which occurs in the summer months, it is advisable to mow the grass twice a week. And in the spring, during dry periods in summer and autumn, you can mow the lawn about once a week.

But these are only recommendations. In each specific case, you need to decide when to mow the lawn. If the height of the grass has increased by one and a half centimeters, then you can safely start a lawnmower.

If you cannot mow the lawn in time, you need to cut the grass in two steps. First, it is necessary to shorten its ends, and only then, after a few days, to slant it at the desired height.