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Warning Signs of A Failing Irrigation Control System

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Although a lawn irrigation system can run efficiently for years, it may require finding irrigation valves for maintenance or replacement, valve parts, or wiring. Orlando irrigation wire and valve locator can do the job.

If you have a lovely garden, the possibilities are you have installed an auto irrigation system. The latest automatic irrigation systems have replaced traditional hose irrigation methods. With an Orlando replacement irrigation control, you don’t have to water your garden by hand or drag a hose and sprayer around your yard. The automatic watering system irrigates the garden evenly over some time.

Watering is required to have a healthy and flourishing garden. But if your irrigation system is damaged, it can create many problems such as dry areas, plant diseases, and wasted water. A leaking or malfunctioning automatic irrigation system affects the health and appearance of plants and leads to an increase in water costs. In the worst case, if a leak occurs near the foundation of a building, it can also damage the structure. Hence, it is essential to find and repair leaks as soon as possible. But how can you tell if your system is damaged?

It is essential to understand the system to identify signs of damaged underground yard and landscape irrigation systems. An underground irrigation system is not as complex as you might think. The field sprinkler system consists of plumbing, valve box, controller, and electrical valves. Valves and plumbing run throughout your lawn and landscape. If any part is damaged, you will probably notice some visible signs. By knowing warning signs, you can save money on repairs and avoid potential trouble.

Check out some general warning signs that indicate your irrigation system is damaged and in need of repair.

Sprinkler nozzles

Sometimes water sprinklers start to spray inappropriately. This may be due to a valve or pressure problem. However, as a rule, the problem is simply cracked or clogged nozzles. So, when you see irregular spraying, check the sprinkler heads. Cracked or broken nozzles need to be replaced, and clogged nozzles need to be cleaned.

Flooded or scorched areas

Automatic irrigation systems water your grass or lawn evenly. But when you see that an area in your backyard is flooded or dry, it indicates a problem. So, take a look at your whole lawn for any dry or damp area. Your garden needs balanced watering to thrive. If you find soaked grass or patches of yellow grass, you need to restore efficient water distribution.

Clogged valves

Another common sign of damage is constantly leaking or dripping valves. To give the right amount of water to the yard area, the system relies on operating valves. Signs such as droplets, leaks, or wet areas around pressure regulators and filters indicate something is wrong. This problem can arise from broken or loose parts in another area of ​​your irrigation system. It is also possible that dust or small particles have accumulated in the equipment. Whatever the cause, be sure to fix these problems before they cause costly damage in the future.

Pressure problems

When the water pressure gets too low or too high, it can cause watering problems.If the water pressure is extremely high, it can cause premature wear on your system hardware. And when the pressure is extremely low, your grass and plants won’t get the water they need.

Have you seen any of the warnings listed above? Then you are probably in need of expert Orlando replacement irrigation control services. Our Custom Irrigation Inc. can visit your property and analyze for faults before making the necessary fixes to keep your backyard looking beautiful!